Career counselling presents an opportunity to envision new potential and see your situation in a fresh way. It may mean seeing opportunities for growth, development or transition even in the face of job loss. It may mean planting new roots by transitioning to something that is more in line with how you see yourself.

Learn to see possibilities where you never saw them before. The way you see yourself in your world has more impact on your well being than any other factor. Perspective impacts your career, your life. Career Perspectives can help you see the possibilities.

Revitalize your career with a fresh outlook.  Career Perspectives can help you with:

  • Job Loss
  • Career Assessments
  • Job Search
  • Educational Planning
  • Career Maintenance
  • Back to School
  • Work-life Balance
  • Career Development
  • Creative Careers
  • Career Transition
  • Small Business
  • The Toxic Work Environment

The word “career” comes from the French word carrière originally meaning road or racecourse.

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