Why Hire Career Perspectives?

Your occupation can touch every aspect of your life. Much of the meaning in your life is often generated by the work you do. In general, we define ourselves and each other by profession. There is a universal importance to work life. It is part of our personal identity and normalizes our life. The first question we often ask someone we have just met is, “What do you do?”

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Your work also impacts your life in terms of fulfillment, social aspects, financial aspects, time for family and other interests, and even your physical and mental health. Life long learning, career changes and transitions are now becoming part of career cycles for many people. An unexpected layoff can be a dramatic and emotional event. The techniques around a successful job search have changed drastically in the last ten to fifteen years.

What is the relationship between your career choices and the other important components of your life? If you haven’t taken the time to consider these major life questions, it is never too late. Call Career Perspectives today and take action that will impact not only your career but your perspective.

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Carol’s Approach

With a natural aptitude for counselling, Carol has an overwhelming interest and enthusiasm in how people’s lives evolve and transition. What are the links between personality, interests, and occupation?

Much of what she has found rewarding in her life embraces the concept of counsellor, of helping people make important decisions in their lives and work towards their potential. The process of her own significant career transition from Talent Agent to Career Consultant has made her more perceptive in this pivotal role.

Carol doesn’t suggest there are any magic answers. She can help you with decision making but she won’t make decisions for you. Whether you are in job search, career transition or just exploring post-secondary training, this takes time and effort.  She can help you make this time and effort productive and life enhancing.

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Your “Career” includes your education, volunteer work, and every job you have ever held. She describes her counselling approach as integrated and balanced; helping clients to see their career development in the context of who they are and the unique life they lead; or want to lead.

Carol first helps you determine your goals and your first priority. The assurance of confidentiality is a fundamental component of this process. She suggests you don’t take on too much at one time. Then she works with you to develop an action plan. This plan needs to be something you are willing to do to accomplish your goal. “Actions speak louder than words.” Some people are off and running at this point, others need to be accountable to someone else and continually check in to discuss progress and challenges. Carol’s approach is guided by your unique needs and goals.

A Career Counsellor’s Career Journey

A Career Consultant’s Career Journey

Have you ever admired someone who knew what they wanted to do from the time they were eight years old or even younger? Have you ever wondered why someone else’s career has seamlessly unfolded and progressed to a high degree of success? Have you ever taken a college or university program because it was expected or “the logical thing to do?” Does your personal identity get wrapped up with your occupation? All of those scenarios describe Carol and lead her, albeit not directly, to her work as a Career Consultant.

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Carol Amirault
Carol Amirault

What people say of Carol

Hi Carol,
Thank you for your counselling in the fall of last year. It was amazingly helpful in getting me back into the job market.


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