Workshop facilitation:

Need an experienced workshop facilitator? We can deliver a wide range of workshops on a variety of career, job search and small business topics. Your standard organization delivery can be followed to ensure consistency or Career Perspectives can provide new workshop content and depth, developed to meet your clients’ changing needs.

  • change and transition
  • working through job loss
  • networking
  • social media
  • resume writing
  • cover letters and correspondence
  • interview preparation
  • negotiation
  • starting a small business
  • business plan development
  • planning your education
  • back to school as a mature student
  • self assessment for career decision making
  • transiting to a new field
  • creative careers
  • labour market information
  • employee rights
  • career maintenance
  • career development
  • organization and time management
  • pre-retirement planning

Outplacement, transition and career counselling:

Our economy is like a roller coaster at best. It may be difficult to predict when you require extra consultants to provide support to your program participants. Dignity, respect, empathy and a solution focused approach are essential to each unique client, no matter how busy you are. Whether you need additional client on-site support or counselling for a few additional clients, Career Perspectives can fill the gap between your current staff capacity and an additional work commitment.


Certified in Level B assessments, Career Perspectives can facilitate the administration and interpretation of a variety of instruments based on your current approach or make changes based on your current budget and client needs. As you know, the process of self assessment is an important prerequisite for career decision-making as well as beginning any job search strategy.

Curriculum development:

The world of work is constantly changing and so is the process of job search. Do you require additional workshops or programs for your clients but you and your staff don’t have the time to development them? The research, curriculum development and classroom or web components can be completed for you, based on the needs of your clients and organization.

Labour Market Information:

It is important to identify current labour market trends and outlooks in general as well as movement and changes within specific sectors. Are there labour shortages or surpluses in any particular areas? What are employment conditions and wages for certain sectors? Is your staff up-to-date? Are your clients aware of their general rights as employee as they go forward in their career? This is important information for all of us.

Small Business Coaching:

Whether your clients are just considering self employment or ready to get started, support is available to help your client evaluate important business questions and issues.  No one can guarantee a successful new business venture but there are ways to ensure they start out with their best foot forward; market research, a marketing strategy and action plan, sales and cash flow forecasts, appropriate financing, regulations and by-laws and ultimately a thoroughly developed business plan.

I have had the pleasure of working with Carol: first as a Career and Work Counsellor in training at George Brown College, and then later as a Practicum Supervisor working with several of her students. In both capacities, Carol demonstrated her deft touch as an Employment Specialist, encouraging and mentoring those she teaches and works with to excel and master the skills and knowledge required in this field. Carol is extremely experienced and insightful, and she shares her expertise willingly and openly. She is a gifted teacher and facilitator. She is forthright, has a great sense of humour and is the embodiment of professionalism.

Lisa Kelly, Employment Placement Specialist at RNC Employment Services

Current and previous clients:

  • Shepell
  • Essential Communications and the OSEB
  • Massey Centre
  • George Brown College, Professor in the CWC program
  • Right Management
  • KWA
  • Centennial College